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When to Get an Inspection

Want to keep your plumbing system functioning at the highest performance? Call us today and our friendly office staff will help you setup an appointment with one of our licensed and experienced technicians for a thorough plumbing inspection for your home’s plumbing system. There is no better way to keep your home’s plumbing system functioning at peak performance.

Inspection Checklist

  • Toilets within the home are inspected for leaks and normal operation.
  • Faucets within the home are inspected for normal performance and leaks.
  • Exposed water lines are inspected for leaks or damages.
  • Piping under faucets and sinks are inspected for leaks or damages.
  • Garbage disposals are inspected for any leaks, clogs, or damages.
  • Bathroom showers and tub plumbing are inspected for leaks and damages.
  • Water heaters are inspected for any signs of leaks, corrosion, or damages. We will also flush your water heater for 50% off if you want to perform your annual water heater flush during the same visit.
  • Any exposed gas lines will be inspected for leaks or damages.
  • Washing machine hoses and lines are inspected for leaks or clogs.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers will gladly answer any questions you have about your home’s plumbing system.

If you need a  plumbing inspection or other plumbing services, CONTACT US TODAY! IGD Plumbing believes in providing a service you will remember! We guarantee that our experienced technicians and friendly office staff will hold one mission in mind, and that is to raise the experience of serving you to an extraordinary level!

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