Water Line Repair & Install

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Water Line Repair & Install

The availability of clean, flowing water should not be a concern. A damaged water line may result in drops in water pressure, discoloration, or other problems in your home’s water. By diagnosing the issue and repairing it, we can safely and effectively restore your water supply. The experienced plumbing professionals at IGD Plumbing & Air specialize in all your plumbing needs, including installing a new water line.

When to Call Our Professionals for Water Line Repair:
The task of repairing a main water line is not easy. It is certainly not something you should attempt on your own. This can be a complicated job, and half-done work can cause more harm than good. The following are signs you should contact us:

Puddling Water

It’s a sure sign that you have a problem when pooling water forms in your yard or home. If you can locate your main water line and see standing water near it, there is likely an issue.

Water Pressure Drop

A sudden drop in water pressure can indicate a problem, especially if you haven’t been able to recover it using a regulator.

High Water Bills

Take a closer look at what you’re paying each month. There could be a line issue or an undetected leak if you notice a spike in your water bill.

Cracked Foundation

Your foundation can be damaged severely by constant moisture. This can eventually cause the concrete foundation of your home to deteriorate.

Water Line Repair & Install

A water line installation is not a do-it-yourself project. Ensure you hire a licensed contractor to handle the job and ensure that all repairs and installation are in compliance with codes.

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