Standard Water Heaters

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Standard Water Heater

 It’s easy to detect tank water heaters because they have a cylindrical hot water storage tank standing upright with pipes coming from the top and a drain hose extending from the bottom. In addition to heating water, tank-type water heaters also store it in a tank until it’s time to use it. A water heater tank is typically made of steel and lined with glass to prevent rusting. Insulation is also used to maintain the temperature while the tank is being heated.  


These tanks can store and heat from 6 to 100 gallons of water. From Short to Tall, there are many options to fit your home’s needs.


If you’re confused about solar, electric, on-demand, gas, conventional, and tankless water heaters, let’s walk you through the different types of water heaters.


New tank water heaters offer great heating efficiency. Since modern tanks are so efficient, standby energy loss is no longer an issue. By insulating the water lines and tank, you can boost efficiency even more.

Standard Water Heaters

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