Pressure Regulators

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Pressure Regulators

The truth is, high water pressure is anything but great. Water pressure causes a variety of plumbing problems to develop prematurely, from burst pipes to worn out fill valves, dripping faucets to ruptured water heaters. Pressure regulating valves, or PRVs, ensure water pressure is at a safe level for your household’s plumbing in order to prevent damage caused by high pressure. You should not attempt to fix this issue on your own, so contact IGD Plumbing & Air for help!
The ideal pressure is 60 pounds per square inch (60 PSI), but pressure over 80 pounds per square inch (80 PSI) can cause problems. The manufacturers of water heaters advise that pressures exceeding 80 PSI can cause premature wear and tear on your tank. Unusual noises in the plumbing system and problems with your plumbing system may indicate high pressure. Among other problems, burst pipes, leaks, flooding, and other problems are associated with this problem. Here’s how you can tell:

You run out of hot water too quickly

Your appliances are noisy when you run them

Banging or clanging sounds in your pipes

Your water bills continue to increase although your usage is the same

If you notice any of these signs, you may have excessively high water pressure. We can help you restore your water pressure to a normal level. In order to protect your home from plumbing leaks and avoid damage to your fixtures, you should fix high water pressure.

Pressure Regulator Maintenance & Repair

Your pressure regulator should be maintained regularly to ensure that the water pressure in your home remains at the optimal level. If your water pressure isn’t right, you will likely encounter a number of problems. Maintaining the ideal water pressure is what your pressure regulator does. Regular maintenance is essential, which is why we:

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