Kitchen Plumbing

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Kitchen Plumbing

After a long day, you finally have time to relax and lay down. Suddenly you hear dripping from the kitchen faucet. It would be nice to rest, but every drop is money wasted. You found the water bill a bit high last month. It’s time to solve the problem. Fortunately, our plumbers at IGD Plumbing & Air are experienced in a variety of plumbing services for kitchens, including garbage disposal repair and leaky faucet repair.

What Causes a Leaking Faucet?
There are several reasons why faucets drip, including normal wear and tear, defective parts, and excessive water pressure that could affect other fixtures in your home. Our plumbers at IGD Plumbing & Air are ready to help you take care of your dripping faucet. We’ll fix your leaks and use the latest faucets for a more modern look and feel in your kitchen or bathroom.
When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposals generally have a long lifespan. They can last for 15 years if properly maintained. Keeping your disposal clean by regularly running it will help prevent clogs caused by food particles and small debris. In the event that your unit is no longer functioning correctly, you might need to consider replacing it. Check for these signs:


You may be experiencing a problem if you start hearing strange sounds that you haven’t heard before. Check your drain for visible blockages, such as silverware, by shining a light down it. 

Bad Smells

A bad smell is an indication of a buildup in the system. Regularly maintained systems may be simpler to clean, but if you haven’t cleaned your system or had it serviced for some time, it is likely to have stuck particles.

Water Leaks

It is generally a bad sign. It is possible for your unit to develop wear and cracks that could lead to a leak. A replacement may be necessary at this point.


When you have to reset your unit multiple times, this is a sign that you have very little left in your system.

Kitchen Plumbing

In case you are still unsure if you need a replacement or just want to schedule garbage disposal repair, give us a call. Our plumbers are always honest, and they will not recommend a replacement if we believe it’s a fix that will save you both money and time.

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