Gas Line Repair & Install

Our professionals can assist you with the installation of a new gas line!

Gas Line Repair & Install

Do you need a qualified, experienced plumber in Houston, TX? If you are, IGD Plumbing & Air is ready to help you. With years of experience serving your community, our background-checked and trained plumbers are the best in the business. As a result, you can expect the job to be done correctly and professionally. No matter the size of your project, we’ll ensure that your lines are fitted properly and professionally so you won’t have to worry about safety issues. Call us today and discover how dependable service can save you money and time.

Dead Plants

Keep a close eye on any indoor plants or foliage that surrounds your home. There might be a leak in your house if you notice patches of dead vegetation on your lawn or wilting plants in your house.

Feeling Ill

You may experience dizziness, nausea, or headaches if you’re experiencing a gas leak. Our gas leak detection services can ensure your safety and that of your family!

Hissing Noises

It is often possible to hear the sound of gas escaping from a gas line when you have a leak. However, if you can hear it, it may be a sign of a major leak so you should evacuate your home and contact a professional immediately.

Bad Smells

The gases used by your home’s appliance smell like rotten eggs due to additives in the gases. A leak is likely to cause a strong eggy smell in your home. Call a professional today if you are getting any bad smells in your home.

Professional Gas Fitters

The need for repairs can be caused by a variety of factors. Poor installation, age, pressure, or faulty pipes are examples of this. No matter what the issue is, we can handle it professionally and find the solution.

No matter what type of gas line you need, we can help you. It’s crucial to have these jobs done by a professional, as gas leaks can have fatal effects. There’s no need to run the risk of an accident. Our team of experts will safely install your line and install a variety of appliances, including:

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