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Burst Pipe

Occasionally, certain issues in your home turn into big emergencies. A burst pipe is one of those emergency situations and you want to be able to handle it right away if it ever happens to you. Burst pipes can cause serious damage to your property that could lead to expensive repairs. IGD Plumbing provides effective and personalized solutions to solve your plumbing problems.

A burst pipe is a relatively common issue. Occasionally, they burst without warning, leaving you unprepared for the aftermath. Your pipes are very durable, but experiencing a burst one is not an easy fix for most homeowners. It is best to call a plumber. Here are some common causes:

Old Pipes

Certain materials are more prone to bursting than others. Pipes in older houses may have materials susceptible to breaking. It is possible for old plumbing systems to break regardless of material.

Outside Pressure

Your system can also shift due to shifting soil, tree roots, or natural disasters.

High Water Pressure

While this is less common, a burst pipe may be caused by excessive water pressure. Correct installation and set-up can minimize the risk of this happening

Preventing a Burst Pipe

In order to keep your pipes intact, there are several steps you can take. Proper usage can prevent pipe bursts.

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