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What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is the process of cleaning your drain from waste, gathered inside the drain over time, which causes water to back up. If you want to make the water flow properly through the drain again, you drain system needs to be kept in a clean condition.

What Problems Can A Dirty Drain Or Sewer Cause?

When water drains from your amenities – whether from the shower, bathtub, kitchen sink or toilet – it’s usually already dirty. If there is a blockage in your drain or sewer, the water can’t properly extract from the property into the city sewer, which can cause many issues to your home.

The Primary Concerns of a Dirty Drain

Development or irritation of health issues – because of bad bacteria thriving and growing in the pipes – it can cause diseases and sicknesses.

Unpleasant odors – even if it’s not directly harmful to our bodies, it can make people more tired, anxious and irritable.

Structural damage – it may lead to leaks, which can damage the foundation or walls of the home.

Mold and Pests – If mold grows in the pipes, it irritates those with asthma – leading them to more serious attacks. Stagnant water attracts pests — like mosquitoes and other insects — which are prone to carrying diseases and germs.

How to Diagnose a Dirty Drain

The best way to diagnose a clogged drain or sewer is to call IGD Plumbing and ask for drain pipe line camera inspection. This way you’ll have a clear video footage of what is wrong with your pipes and we will provide you with options on how to proceed with clearing the issue. Another issue could be that there are tiny cracks that a have develop in the main line, which may eventually cause collapse in your drain lines. Collapsed lines can create costly, emergency repairs and your yard may need to be excavated. Here are other signs that your drain or sewer lines might be clogged:

Lingering Smell – it can indicate the presence of a blockage in your drain or sewer lines which can cause residue of dirt, waste of food and unpleasant odors.

Limited or no Drainage – if your drain is slowly draining, or fails to drain at all, there’s most likely a clog in your pipes.

Puddles of water – when your pipes are clogged or not draining properly, it creates pools of water within your property.

Protect Your Home from a Dirty Drain or Sewer

It’s tough to prevent all clogs and blockages from occurring, more importantly, you need to be able to identify them when they occur and take action right away. Sometimes the best option will be to replace your main sewer line. Pipes, just like other things, have life cycle and don’t last forever. Changing your sewer line may be the best investment to your home and it will prevent pipes bursting and damaging your home at an unexpected time.

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